ProMate 1 Water Softener


The ProMate-1 removes calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals, leaving your water softer, cleaner and user friendly. Soft water saves you money. 

How it works


Hard water enters your water softener (1) and passes down through the ion exchange resin, which are charged with sodium ions. The hard water ions (calcium and magnesium) are attracted to the ion exchange resin and an equal amount of sodium ions are bumped off into the water and supply. When the water reaches the bottom of the tank, it is softened and ready to be used in your home and business. 


When the ion exchange resin is saturated with calcium and magnesium (hard water ions) it must be reacharged. (2) A strong brine solution enters the tank and flushes the calcium and magnesium ions of the ion exchange resin and attaches itself. A final rinse process ensures that any unused brine is rinsed from the system and your (1) ProMate conditioner is now fully recharged and ready to provide you with soft water. 


Your ProMate control valve (3) controls this entire process, including the frequency of regeneration. 

Advantages of using the ProMate 1


  • Water heater efficiency is increased 21% to 29%

  • Save up to 70% on soap in the kitchen, laundry an dbath

  • Save up to 25% on personal-care items such as hair conditioners and shaving cream

  • Appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines last up to one-third longer

  • Hot water heaters last up to twice as long

  • Clothing will be whiter, brighter and last longer


In the bathroom

  • Cleaner fixtures with less soap-scum building

  • Stain-free sinks, tubs, and showers

  • Softer skin and more manageable hair

  • Use less shampoo and conditioners

In the laundry

  • Wash is fresher, cleaner, and brighter

  • Long life for washing machine

  • Use less detergent

In the kitchen

  • Shiny, spotless dishes and glasses

  • A sparkling-clean sink

  • Longer life for plumbing and appliances

Fully Automatic, Dependable and Efficient Water Conditioning System


  • Variable reserve automatically adjusts to your changing water-usage

  • 12-volt operation

  • Powerful, reliable, user-friendly, electronics automatically monitor water-treatment functions including:

    • Days since last regeneration

    • Gallons since last regeneration

    • Gallon reserve capacity

    • Maximum flow rate for the last seven days

    • Current flow rate

    • Total number of regenerations

  • Display indicates time of day and gallons remaining

  • Several programmable options ensure conditioned water for your family's needs such as variable reserve, fixed reserve, calendar day override, delayed or immediate regeneration

  • Noryl Corrosion-resistant control valve body and corrosion-proof tanks for a longer life; all internal components are lead-free

  • Pre-fill the salt reserve with softened water reduces salt-bridging problems and cleaning of salt reserve

  • Double backwash for optimizing regeneration, cleaning ability, and improved efficiency

  • Premanent memory backup of all programmed settings during power outages with no need for battery backup

  • Insulted seamless tank jacket prevents condensation buildup, keeping your conditioner and floor dry year-round (not available on all sizes)

  • Uses less than $2 of electricity per year

  • Full-flown bypass valve

  • Optional twin alternating design available

Softner Control is User Friendly and Reliable


  • Modular Design

  • Non-Corrosive Valve Body & Internals

  • Once Piece Stack Assembly

  • No Nuts, Bolts or Screws

  • Disassemble and Reassemble in Minutes

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