How the E3 can help in the Laundry Room


  • Saves on detergent and additives

  • Clothes are brighter and whiter

  • Clothes last longer

  • Colored fabrics stay vibrant

  • Washing machine operates more efficiently and lasts longer

In the Bathroom


  • Soap rinses cleaner with more lather

  • Hair feels softer and cleaner

  • Stops soat residue and scum

  • Eliminates scale on fixtures

  • Protect the working parts in the water closet

In the Kitchen


  • Shiny, spotless dishes and glasses

  • A sparkling clean sink

  • Use less soap in the dishwasher

Other Advantages of using the E3


E3 Water Softener


Save on energy with soft water. The E3 is efficient, electronic, and engineered and produced in the USA! The Hellenbrand E3 water conditioning system saves you money. 

Throughout the Home


  • Spend less time cleaning

  • Water heater is more efficient

  • Protect pipes and plumbing fixtures

  • Cleaning products work better

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