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Residential Water Filter System

Are yellow stains from tannins driving you crazy?

Tannins (humic acid) are caused by decaying vegetation and cause yellow-brown water and staining. Levels over 0.5ppm cause staining and interfere with Iron Filter Systems. 

Hellenbrand engineers and manufactures both Whole House Tannin Filters and Commerical Filters to remove these nuisance organics. These systems are all self-cleaning and come in a variety of sizes as single and twin tank systems. 

A picture of tannin resin

Tannin Filter Control Center


Tannin Filters are different from Water Softeners. The 9 cycle ProMate 6 controller is custom programmed for optimal soaking and rinsing required by Tannin Resin. The controller automatically adjusts the reserve capacity to protect the resin from fouling and to make sure you never run out of clean water. 


Promate 6

Enhanced Cleaning System

If the pores in tannin resin plug up with hard water, iron, or dirt, they lose their functionality. For resin to stay clean, it needs to back wash and flush out this foreign material. 

Standard Tannin Filters have a weak backwash that simply rises up through the resin bed like blowing bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw. 

The Vortech plate acts like an agitator in a laundry machine and sends a powerful sircular flow through the resign bed. The aggressive flushing knocks out debris for superior resin cleaning. 

Ion Exchange Tannin Resin

Hellenbrand uses long-lasting, macroporous anion resin that provides rapid absorption kinetics. This means Tannins are quickly removed as water passes through the filter. Once the resin beads are loaded with Tannins, the system can efficiently regenerate the resin with standard water softener salt. 

Get Color-Free Water From Every Tap in Your Home


Remove Tannins and stop yellow stains in laundry, tubs and more.

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