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Water in a glass


Drinking-Water System filters the water, giving your family healthy, crystal clear drinking water. 


You get clean refreshing, great-tasting water at your fingertips for only pennies a day. 


The high-performance output delivers flavorful beverages, cleanly-rinsed fruits & vegetables, better tasting soups, sauces, meals and ice for your drinks!

Millennium Drinking System

The Millennium pre-filter is a sediment/carbon block cartridge designed to remove dirt, sand, and other particulate matter down to the 5-micron level; along with chlorine, taste and odors - learn more.

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Clear Solutions is an under the counter high flow filtration system for your faucet. Give your family great tasting, filtered water  - learn more.

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The Pioneer is the first of its kind whole-house lead, cyst & PFOA/PFOS removal system. The Pioneer successfully removes lead from your drinking water - learn more.

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