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The proprietary technology and patents of the Iron Curtain makes it more environmentally friendly. 


The Hellenbrand Warrany backs every product with a complete commitment to customer satisfaction and offers one of the most comprehensive product warranties in the water treatment industry. 


PackerCity Soft Water is happy to test your water to determine the best system for you. 

ProMate 6.0 Iron Curtain

The new Iron Curtain 2.0 technology marks the first major upgrade to the original and proven 1992 patented Iron Curtain System. Leading water treatment professionals have called it the best and most reliable iron and sulfur (rotten egg odor) removal system available - learn more.

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The ProMate 6 Storm uses the natural power of the ozone to filter iron, sulfur and manganese from your home's water. Ozone eliminates the need for chemical feed pumps, is 1.5 times stronger than chlorine, more environmentally friendly and safe for septic systems - learn more

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