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H-151 Water Softner


  • System Design Options: Single, Twin Parallel, Twin Alternating, 3,4,5 or 6-plex systems, Salt Recycling, Brine Reclaim

  • No Raw Water Bypass

  • Separate Source Regeneration

  • Daily Peak Flow Rate Displayed

  • Alternate Fill

  • 1.50″ Inlet and Outlet provide higher service flows with less pressure drop

  • 12-volt operation (AC or DC) uses less than $2/year of electricity and a 12 volt relay driver

  • Fully Programmable Cycles and Times (9 cycles)

  • Smart Controller monitors usage patterns and optimizes performance

  • Non- Corrosion internal components

  • Lead free brass valve

  • Piston Operated Design

  • No Nuts, Bolts or Screws – easy to service



  • Soft Water Savings for detergents and chemicals

  • Reduced Energy and Water consumption

  • Improved efficiency and extend the life of process equipment and heat exchange systems

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Initial and long term costs savings

Commercial H-151 (1.5") Water Softener


A commercial water softener for medium size applications requiring flow rates up to 60 gpm @ 15 psi and up to 480,000 grains per tank.

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