Commercial H-300 (3") Water Softener


A perfect solution for large applications requiring flow rates up to 210 gpm @ 15 psi and up to 2,240,000 grains per tank.

  • System Design Options: Single, Twin, Triplex and Quad Alternating, Twin, Triplex and Quad Demand Recall, Top Mount and Side Mount configurations

  • Solid State microprocessor can control from one to four units allowing for system add ons

  • Regeneration can be initiated with a time clock, meter delayed or meter immediate

  • Soft Water Brine refill reduces brine tank maintenance

  • User friendly controller with removable POD display allowing for remote mount of display for top mount systems

  • Economical built in electronic meter means no extra piping

  • Lead Free Brass body with NSF approved Food Grade Electro-deposited Epoxy coating to protect internally and externally against corrosion

  • Corrosion Free Noryl back plate

  • Nema 3 Enclosure

  • Optional Calendar Day Override from 1-28 days

  • 24 Volt output AC adapter is safe and comes with a 15' cord for easy installation

  • Reliable and proven DC drive

  • Optional System Control Board - add 3rd and 4th unit for demand recall or operating chemical feed pumps, booster pumps and to lock out an RO system

  • Motorized Alternating Valve (MAV) provides Twin Alternating, No Raw Water Bypass, Treated or Non Treated water for regeneration and separate source regeneration




  • Soft Water Savings for detergents and chemicals

  • Reduced Energy and Water consumption

  • Improved efficiency and extend the life of process equipment and heat exchange systems

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Initial and long term costs savings

H-300 Water Softner